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Our team operate nationwide, with headquarters located conveniently in the Midlands near Birmingham.

Rural Innovation Centre, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth CV8 2LG

Our Story

Owen Jenkins

Managing Director

I am incredibly proud to lead a company that is revolutionising property surveying, management, and safety. We are driving a transformative change in the way housing providers manage their property portfolios, bringing about positive and lasting impact in the industry.

At AIM Housing, we understand the challenges faced by housing providers in effectively managing their properties. That’s why we have taken a bold and innovative approach to change the status quo. Through cutting-edge technologies, advanced systems, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are reshaping property management and safety practices.

Together, let us embark on this journey of transformation. AIM Housing is dedicated to helping housing providers navigate the challenges, seize new opportunities, and achieve unparalleled success in property management and safety. We are committed to making a lasting impact, changing the way housing providers manage their property portfolios, and ultimately improving the lives of residents in the communities we serve.

Danny McKeown

Operations Director

I am passionate about driving efficiency through effective solutions and prioritising the user’s perspective. Technology plays a crucial role in our approach, optimising our survey process and digitising our housing operations. By leveraging advanced tools and software, we enhance accuracy, reduce costs, and minimise disruptions to residents. Automation and digital platforms streamline workflows, improve data management and facilitate collaboration. Our commitment to efficiency and technology ensures high-quality services and client satisfaction.

Phillip Ellgood

Quality Manager

As an attentive individual with a keen eye for detail, I recognise the importance of ensuring the accuracy of all our work. Digital twins provide a virtual replica of the property enabling remote access, this allows me to review properties at my own pace and with utmost attention to detail without the need to revisit site to clarify data or check measurements. I can take the necessary time to ensure that each element is carefully examined and verified, guaranteeing accurate and reliable survey data such as the properties extensions, constructions, all dimensions, as well as 360 photos to review defects, and conditions. This is achieved by reviewing and comparing our survey outputs and cross reference the automated digital aspect of data capture and the human data capture aspect of the property, ensuring consistency, and identifying and removing discrepancies to creating a single version of the truth.

Stuart Parish

Head of Compliance

Working utilising cutting edge technology such as drones and mobile laser scanning to enhance the surveying process is enthusing. By embracing these technologies, it offers a complete 360 view of a property with full transparency, without any biases or preconceived notions. Embrace the transparency of data.

Scott Wilkinson

Survey Manager

As a surveyor working for AIM Housing, it is exciting leveraging technology such as drones and mobile laser scanning to enhance the surveying process. These technologies, when combined with digital twins, allow for more efficient data collection, accurate analysis, and informed decision-making. By embracing these advancements, I can provide AIM Housing and our clients with comprehensive and reliable survey results that contribute to the overall success of our operations.