Unleashing the Power – How Digitisation Revolutionises Whole House Surveying




Digitisation has transformed the field of whole house surveying, revolutionising the way comprehensive assessments of residential properties are conducted. This advancement is crucial in meeting the requirements of PAS 2035 standards, which emphasize the importance of whole house surveys to assess energy efficiency and inform retrofit strategies. Traditional surveying methods, involving multiple separate visits by different experts, presented challenges such as time consumption, resource expenditure, and disruption to the customer journey. However, digitisation has addressed these issues and improved the overall process for surveyors, property occupants, and stakeholders.

Key to digitisation in whole house surveying is the centralisation of data, including fabric, ventilation, condition, and dimensional information. Digital platforms allow for the collection, storage, and analysis of survey data in a centralised manner. This eliminates errors and inconsistencies associated with manual documentation, while facilitating real-time collaboration among stakeholders. Moreover, centralising data enables the automation of technical surveys for energy measures and room-by-room heat loss calculations. Integration of the digital model data with advanced software solutions streamlines the assessment of energy performance, improves precision, and accelerates the surveying process. Automation not only saves time but also ensures consistent and reliable results, enhancing recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.


The integration of digital tools like laser scanning devices and drones has significantly increased efficiency and accuracy in whole house surveys. These technologies capture extensive data, providing detailed insights into a property’s energy performance and more. The creation of digital models, enabled by advanced technologies, offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of properties, facilitating visualisation and interaction. This bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, enhancing surveyors’ understanding and decision-making.


Leveraging centralised data and digital models, surveyors can efficiently identify potential issues and develop retrofit strategies. Simulating different energy efficiency measures, such as insulation upgrades or renewable energy installations, becomes easier, enabling informed decision-making based on accurate insights. Furthermore, centralised data continues to drive efficiencies at later stages of the retrofit process. Seamless transfer of survey data to designers, contractors, and stakeholders eliminates duplication of efforts, reduces miscommunication, and ensures alignment with the same data set. This enhanced coordination and collaboration streamline the retrofit process, minimizing errors and delays.

The Rundown:

In conclusion, digitisation has transformed whole house surveying into a more efficient and customer-centric process. Centralising data, leveraging digital tools, and utilising digital models enable comprehensive assessments, effective retrofit strategies, and improved energy efficiency in residential properties. The digitised approach optimises the customer journey by reducing disruption and providing a streamlined and informed experience for property occupants. As the industry continues to embrace digitisation, the power of whole house surveying will unleash its potential to transform buildings for a sustainable future.

Written by:

Danny McKeown

Operations Director

I am passionate about driving efficiency through effective solutions and prioritising the user’s perspective. Technology plays a crucial role in our approach, optimising our survey process and digitising our housing operations. By leveraging advanced tools and software, we enhance accuracy, reduce costs, and minimise disruptions to residents. Automation and digital platforms streamline workflows, improve data management and facilitate collaboration. Our commitment to efficiency and technology ensures high-quality services and client satisfaction.

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