The Platform

The AIM Housing platform is a centralised, secure web- based intelligent space with a digital property model at its core.


The AIM Housing platform is a centralised, secure web- based intelligent space with a digital property model at its core. The digital property models provide a complete 360° view enabling visualisation and interaction, closing the gap between the physical and the digital world.

  • User-friendly and intuitive design makes digital buildings accessible to every stakeholder
  • Store all associated data for each property in a single place, making it easy to access for stakeholders, along with preventing the loss of important documentation.
  • Make informed decisions and avoid rework with real world representations of as-is conditions.
  • Smart remote collaboration tools enable improved efficiency in planning and operations, preventing unnecessary site visits. 
  • Whether remote or on-site, interacting with the digital twin leads to performance gains in facility and building operations.
  • On-site data capture can be tailored to your requirements, the Information then directly feeds into the AIM portal keeping a digital record.

Digital Model

At the core of the platform is a digital property model , A lifelike interactive model combining survey accurate point cloud data, panoramic imagery, placing users at the property digitally. The AIM Housing platform also offers users an entirely new way to use and interact with floorplans with automatically generated AI-based maps to give an overview of the entire property site.

Annotate & Measure

360° panoramic digital images, with pixels enriched by laser scans making it possible to interact with scanned spaces as if the user is on-site. Conveniently take and share point-to-point measurements.

Person Blurring

The automated blurring feature utilises advanced computer vision algorithms to detect faces and bodies within the captured panoramas and point clouds. These algorithms analyse the visual data to identify regions that correspond to human features. Once the faces and bodies are detected, the blurring functionality automatically applies a blur effect to these regions. The blur effect is designed to obscure the details of people’s faces and bodies while maintaining the integrity and overall context of the surrounding environment. The blurring feature is especially crucial for compliance with GDPR.

Points of Interest

The AIM Housing platform features an easy to use, scalable content management system for adding geo-tagged information and media to digital property models. Users can right-click anywhere on the screen to add and view this information as Points of Interest. The powerful search function makes it easy for users to find the information they need. Points of Interests are automatically tied with the relevant category tab, where they can be updated, archived or deleted.

Data Ownership & Security

AIM Housing prioritises the security of data and follows a strict data protection protocol for capture, management, storage and disposal. We believe that our clients should ultimately own their own data and have the final say in how it’s managed. AIM Housing offers three data management service propositions: 

  1. LIVE: 360° digital property model’s are actively available on our platform, offering the full suite of features, instantly. 
  2. ARCHIVED: 360° digital property model’s are no longer visible on platform, but the associated property data remains accessible, instantly. 360° digital property model’s can be re-loaded into AIM Housing at client’s instruction. 
  3. DELETED: All data is moved from AIM Housing platform to client’s server. Property bundle can be re-loaded into AIM Housing at client’s instruction. 

Aim Housing empowers, effectively enabling clients to access, manage and protect their own property data.

The AIM Housing platform provides multiple sections adapted for property management.

Health, Safety & Environmental

  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Gas safety
  • Water safety Asbestos
  • General compliance 
  • Conservation
  • Listing building
  • Protected Species
  • Tree Protection Order

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy performance certificate.
  • Retrofit assessment.
  • Measure suitability for Install, based on survey content of property.
  • Detailed floor plans and uploaded 3D/Plans to be able to view in PDF or CAD.
  • Technical surveys

Condition Defects

  • Damp & mould Defects Inventory

Carbon Reduction

  • Saved site visits to conduct checks and surveys, lowers carbon footprint.
  • When sites are surveyed, multiple aspects can be checked at one time and updated on 


  • Issue raised
  • Planned Pending Completed


  • External photos – all elevations and roof.
  • Internal photos – condition, ventilation, construction, insulations, heating, heating controls, utility meters