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Adaptive Survey Approach

AIM Housing adapts its survey approach according to the client’s requirements. AIM Housing offers a wide range of outputs, starting with a digital model hosted on our custom online platform to further include a whole house survey with an energy performance certificate, retrofit assessment and multiple technical surveys, which can include compliant room by room heat loss calculations.

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Step 1: Reality Capture

The digitisation of buildings is formed of two stages, 

Stage 1 – Mobile laser scan

Utilising survey grade mobile lidar scanning technology with 360 imagery, scanning internally and externally. All data is processed in the cloud for an efficient workflow, in processing it automatically blurs out people and faces to aid occupant’s privacy.

Stage 2 – Aerial data capture 

We utilise the latest drone technology to carry out mapping, surveying, and inspection. When combined with RTK, it enables models to be geolocated within centimetre-level accuracy to real-world co-ordinates.

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Step 2: Data App Input

Typical information we collect highlighted below and will vary dependant on the required outputs. We have current workflows built around energy performance certificates, Retrofits assessments and technical surveys for energy efficiency’s measures such as external wall insulation and heat loss calculations.

  • Occupancy information 
  • Existing energy efficiency measures
  • Construction analysis and classification of the buildings. 
    • Age
    • Extensions
    • External Wall Construction
    • Roof construction 
    • Floor construction
    • Windows & doors 
  • Room by Room Survey
    • Heat emitters & controls
    • Room types
    • Lighting 
    • Fuse board
    • Meter locations
    • Ventilation 
    • Condition 
    • Heating 
    • Contentious items for technical surveys
  • Elevation by elevation
    • Continuous item for technical surveys
    • Condition

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Step 3: Model Creation

Digital Twin

Mobile laser scan data and aerial drone data are transformed into web-based intelligent spaces. The result is a digital twin for smart collaboration and decision making, closing the gap between the physical and digital world. Giving a complete 360 digital view of the property.

Drawings / 3D Model

Our 3D Models and 2D Floor Plans contain a vast amount of detail. 

  • Actual measurements of all aspects of the building.
    • Dimensions and Areas of – Rooms, Windows, Doors, Wall Thicknesses, ceiling heights, Roof dimensions and Building Height, Length and Depth.
  • Property breakdown of construction.
  • Construction Types for walls, roof, and floors. 
  • Property Fittings located on Floor plan – Heating emitter, Boiler, Heating Controls, Programmer, Hot Water cylinder, Glazing type, Gas meter, electric meter, Wi-Fi, Lighting etc. 

Automated measurement extraction

AIM housing software has been developed to extract key dimensional information from the models, driving efficiencies and improves accuracy. The dimensional information is utilised in the production of technical surveys such as for external wall insulation and room by room heat loss calculations. Key dimensional information can help housing providers with design, analysis, project planning, including tender support.

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Step 4: Online Platform

The platform is a centralised secure web-based intelligent space with a digital model at its core. The digital models provide a complete 360 view of the properties, enabling

visualisation and interaction, closing the gap between the physical and the digital world.

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