Ensuring cost saving and associated carbon savings in a digital world


In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability and efficiency, leveraging the potential of digital property models proves to be a transformative force. AIM Housing pioneers in marrying carbon reductions, operational efficiency, cost savings, and an enhanced customer experience.

Embark on a journey where remote property inspections not only elevate tenant experiences, but also drive operational efficiency – a reality seamlessly realized through AIM Housing’s digital property models. Offering a holistic 360° view, these models bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions grounded in reliable data, precise measurements, and vivid 3D representations.

The true power of these digital models manifests in their ability to significantly diminish the need for physical site visits. This translates into tangible time and cost savings, heightening efficiency in property assessment and decision-making. Simultaneously, it elevates the tenant experience by eliminating the necessity for unnecessary on-site visits. Stakeholders can collaboratively access and review digital models, facilitating remote collaboration and expediting decision-making without the constraints of physical site visits.

In this seamless integration of technology and property, AIM Housing’s digital property models contribute not only to operational efficiency but also to environmental sustainability. The reduction in site visits correlates with a decrease in travel-related carbon emissions, leading to a smaller ecological footprint. This underscores AIM Housing’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

To substantiate the environmental and economic impact, AIM Housing has developed a custom page that calculates average CO2e emissions savings per mile. This innovative approach considers distances based on the client’s address or the user’s location, utilising a map API to predict travel time and distance. Beyond environmental considerations, the model delves into the economic aspect, calculating the true cost – including mileage cost, travel time cost, and booking arrangement time cost – setting the stage for a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.

The calculated values for CO2e, mileage cost, travel time cost, and booking arrangement time cost are presented on a custom page, enhancing transparency and empowering clients with valuable insights into the tangible benefits of embracing a digital approach.

Expanding this approach to multiple sites amplifies its impact, utilizing the client’s address for calculation to highlight cumulative savings offered by a digital model across various locations. It becomes a compelling tool, illustrating the advantages of adopting a digital strategy and emphasizing the interconnected benefits of efficiency, sustainability, and cost reduction.

This calculator represents more than a mere one-time calculation; it paves the way for a future where the accuracy of saved site visits through digital property models can be evidenced and continuously improved upon. The potential for more technical development opens avenues for refining calculations, incorporating real-time data, and providing an evolving, accurate representation of environmental and economic impact.

In conclusion, AIM Housing’s integration of carbon calculation features not only showcases reductions in carbon emissions, time savings, and cost reduction but also charts a course for a future where digital efficiency and environmental responsibility align seamlessly, creating a paradigm shift in property management practices.

Written by:

Danny McKeown

Operations Director

I am passionate about driving efficiency through effective solutions and prioritising the user’s perspective. Technology plays a crucial role in our approach, optimising our survey process and digitising our housing operations. By leveraging advanced tools and software, we enhance accuracy, reduce costs, and minimise disruptions to residents. Automation and digital platforms streamline workflows, improve data management and facilitate collaboration. Our commitment to efficiency and technology ensures high-quality services and client satisfaction.

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